What happens during a microblading consultation?

During the consultation, you’ll be asked to complete an intake sheet with general information, medical information, and sign the artist’s policies regarding pre care, treatment and post care. You’ll be able to ask any questions and learn more about how microblading can help you. The artist will discuss your options, address any contraindications and provide a detailed care sheet for before and after the appointment. 


What to expect during your microblading appointment

The artist will apply a topical numbing for 15-30 minutes before beginning the procedure.She will then map out your eyebrows and complete an outline. During the microblading, numbing agent will be added after each pass to keep the guest comfortable. At the end of the session, pigment will be applied to the brows to soak for a few minutes, an aftercare balm will be applied and your new brows are ready to go!

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