About Us

About Us

About Us

Ani Nina, or ?NeenaJay?, is the founder and instructor of NeenaJayBrows microblading and microshading courses. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, NeenaJay settled in Las Vegas and opened her own salon, Ivy Laser,in 2013. A successful business owner, expert Microblading artist and trainer, NeenaJay shares her knowledge with others. With nearly a decade of experience in brow artistry, she is committed to helping other brow artists start their own successful careers.

NeenaJayBrows is the #1 American microblading academy and has trained many successful microblading artists already. Thanks to NeenaJay?s business sense and passion for the beauty and aesthetics industry, students receive help with the business side of their career as well as the more technical and aesthetic aspects. Her successful Ivy Laser Salon also staffed by other expert brow artists, so students can be sure they?re getting the best instruction possible.

Because at NeenaJayBrows, our job is to teach the safe and effective services you need while helping you achieve your beauty artist dreams ?and we love what we do.

Our Philosophy

At NeenaJayBrows, our operating philosophy is centered around two things: attention to detail and artist education. When aiming for perfection and safety in every procedure, it?s the little details that can make or break you.

Nevada law requires microbladers complete a six-month apprenticeship. We know it can be tricky to accommodate a busy schedule, so we?ve designed our apprenticeships with that in mind. Our largely digital format allows you to work on your own time at your own pace. You can watch NeenaJay work on live feed, practice on your own and finally, in your last two months, practice on a live model under safe supervision.

In addition to using the best methods and equipment available in the industry, we pledge to ensure our artists are equipped with each and every tool they need to be successful in their careers as beauty artists.

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