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Do You Have to Apprentice After Getting a Microblading Certification?

Do I need to complete an apprenticeship after my certification? It’s a very common question we are asked as educators. ?As the demand for microblading artists are high and women all over the nation are taking advantage of this new niche in permanent cosmetics that has ample room for growth and the ability to provide financial security. Having said that, you cannot imagine how many botched jobs come into our establishment looking for a correction, if even possible.

The reason we have these botched jobs all over the place is due to poor training and not enough practice. If you’re expecting to become a master artist by the end of a typical 3-day course you’re in for some disappointment. ?Microblading is an art, established by those who are master brow artists with years of experience. Practice becomes the most important part of the first 6 months of any microblading artist. Long before they carve into a person’s face unsupervised, they have to put in the work on practice skin to make sure they meet the standard.

The rules and regulations that govern microblading usually fall under the same requirements of a traditional tattoo artist. ?Typically, your regional health department is in charge of permitting in the form of a body art card. Having said that, you should also be mindful of the fact that different states/counties will have different requirements. For example, the Las Vegas, NV authority for microblading is the Southern Nevada health department.

In their requirements, they expect you to gain a bloodborne pathogens certificate, complete a sanitation exam, and, finally, they require a 6-month apprenticeship under a licensed mentor to gain a body art card. In parts of California, the apprenticeship is not a requirement. Each state and its counties may have different requirements for body art. ?Always check with your local health department or authority for the requirements that apply to you.

We at NeenaJayBrows are fully licensed and accredited with the Southern Nevada health department to fulfill apprenticeship requirements.

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