Does Microblading Require Certification?


With microblading becoming one of the fastest growing branches of the beauty industry, many have started looking into taking a microblading course in order to fulfill the demand that has developed over the last few years.  A career in microblading is a both a rewarding and lucrative prospect for anyone who wants to elevate themselves to a business owner.  One of the many common questions we get asked is does microblading require certification? Let’s take a look at the answer.

In most states and counties microblading falls under your local health departments regulations.  As a form of permanent cosmetics, microblading is bunched up with the same requirements as tattooing. Typically, a body art card is required to gain your permit to practice.  Different states and counties have different requirements. Some states only require that you pass a safety and sanitation exam and gain a bloodborne pathogen certification.  In other words, the health department doesn’t really care about your abilities as a microblading artist.  They want to know that you follow proper sanitation and body substance isolation protocols to protect you and your client from transmittable diseases and infection.  

Technically, in most counties and states microblading does not require a certification.  The certification for microblading proves to your clients that you have taken a fundamental course in microblading that has taught you the correct technique to do proper work.  Does that mean you should jump into microblading on your own? Absolutely not, you would ruin your clients brows! A certification, though not required by law in most states, is a requirement. 

A self taught microblading artist is the worst thing that could possibly happen, because its going to take a lot of trial and error before you get it right, if you get it right! By taking a microblading course you’re being taught technique, color theory, contraindications, and the mechanics of proper microblading on practice silicone sheets long before you ever start carving into anyone’s eyebrows. 

Some states have more strict laws and regulations.  Nevada, for example, requires a 6 month apprenticeship under someone who is accredited with the health department.  At NeenaJayBrows, we never allow anyone to take on an apprenticeship without requiring a formal certification. Some other states may require you to have further education before microblading.  Please check with your local health department for this information. 

The take away from this article is that certification should be considered a requirement for every single student who wants to become a microblading artist.  Microblading is too intricate in its theory and technique for someone to go at it alone.  They need the guidance and supervision of a knowing hand to learn all the proper procedures

Again, never try to learn microblading on your own.  Always take a course with an accredited microblading instructor who has the experience necessary to teach.


NeenaJayBrows offers both 3 day courses every month and on-on-one training for those looking for something more intimate.  We are also fully licensed and accredited with the Southern Nevada Health Department to fulfill apprenticeship requirements. 


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