History of Microblading

We see it, we follow it, we want it: Microblading. Where did it come from? Who invented it? How did it become the fastest-growing beauty service in the permanent makeup industry? The truth is, we really don?t know but I?ll try to explain what I?ve found through my extensive research.

Tattooing is an ancient art dating back to 5000 B.C. Body art and modifications were part of cultural and religious traditions in the Asias and Middle East. Egyptian women used carbon and copper pigment ores to adorn their faces and they may be the original permanent makeup artists.

Microblading, a more recent, manual method of tattooing, branched off from traditional Japanese tebori tattooing. Tebori is a method of manual tattooing in which a bamboo stick hosts ink-dipped needles at the tip and is ?tapped? into the skin to implant pigment. Against many new-age theories, Microblading did NOT originate in Japan, but in China! From my research, the Chinese have the earliest record of the microblading tool dating back to the late ?90s.

The art seems to have been adapted by Serbians and Europeans and then traveled to the Americas. As the industry grew, the art adapted and evolved to suit current industry standards. Today, some 10 years later, manual methods of permanent makeup include microblading, microshading, SofTap, and poke n? stick tattoos.

Before there was (good) training available in the states, I was on a mission to bring an educator from Europe to receive proper training. I was lucky enough to maintain a business relationship from a team of educators with whom I had trained in a different brow enhancement treatment called ?Sleek Brows.? They had traveled through Europe and created an extensive training module in microblading fundamentals. I arranged their trip to my studio in Las Vegas, Nevada and hosted the first-ever ?Everlasting Brows? training in the USA in June of 2014.

As I have developed my art and my comprehensive training course, I have always checked back in with the ?roots? of manual tattooing to stay true to the intended art while moving forward and developing safer protocols, more effective philosophies, and longer-lasting results.

From carbon-based inks of the Pharaohs in 5000 B.C. to German-engineered, high-quality pigments for permanent makeup today, the manual tattooing business has evolved to become a highly lucrative, multi-million dollar industry that is changing lives, one set of brows at a time!

NeenaJayBrows is a fully licensed and accredited Microblading Academy located in Las Vegas, NV

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