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How Do You Become a Microblading Artist?

You’ve decided you want to become a microblading artist. What now? How do I go about getting licensed? Where do I look for the best education? Who will help you get certified? These are all good questions to consider when you are looking to take on a lucrative career in the Permanent Makeup Industry. ?With microblading being one of the fastest growing branches of permanent cosmetics nationwide, the demand for artists is at an all-time high. That demand is being filled by women who want more independence and the ability to produce the income necessary to sustain a comfortable lifestyle. In this article, we will discuss the basic information you need to know in order to become a certified microblading artist.

Getting Licensed as a Microblading Artist

The first step to becoming a microblading artist is to consider where you?ll be working and which department has jurisdiction in your county. In most states, you will need a to get permitted as a tattoo artist.? Microblading typically falls under the jurisdiction of the local health department who licenses tattoo artists. After all, a microblading artist is a type of tattoo artist with unconventional methods. Your local health departments website should have the rules and regulations for obtaining your tattoo license, also known as a body art card. Some states and/or counties will require an apprenticeship, usually a number of months-long under the supervision of an established artist with a valid body art card. ?You?ll want to know the details of the requirements for the apprenticeship from your respective authority in your county. Ask questions about where you?ll be allowed to perform the services and if the place of business will need an establishment license too.

For example…


Permanent Makeup And Tattoos Are: NOT regulated by the state government. Although the Department Of Health And Human Services and the Nevada Division Of Public And Behavioral Health oversee certain counties, there are no responsibilities to the regulation of cosmetic tattooing. The various districts such as The Southern Nevada Health District, and Washoe County, regulate themselves through local boards of health. Other legislative information can be found from the Nevada Legislature. Specialists must be licensed in the city that they Live. Strict regulations apply in many of these districts, so be sure to contact these local health departments if you have specific questions or concerns. Any tattooing of a minor is prohibited. State-specific tattoo laws can be found here.

(For information about requirements for your state please go to

How Hard is it To Learn Microblading?

?Hard Work Beats Talent? is a saying that has never held more weight than it does in microblading. ?We have seen women who couldn’t color inside the lines of a coloring book who end up becoming a superb microblading artist. ?With that being said, before you start down the path of becoming a microblading artist, understand that it is a job that requires passion and lots of practice. ?Considering that you’re about to carve on the face of your client, you should be very confident with your abilities to do a job well done by the time your training is complete. Those who become exceptional microblading artists are the ones who are obsessed with practicing their skills regularly. ?Make sure you take the time to do so!

Choosing the Right Course for You

Once you’ve determined the rules, regulation, and fees for licensing, you?ll want to find an accredited microblading course. This is where you?ll have to search for a course that works best for your learning style. Do you learn better with hands-on education? Do you like one-on-one support? Does an online course work better with your current schedule? If you can find a course that teaches more than one technique like our course, which includes the traditional art of eyebrow threading and microshading (another form of eyebrow permanent cosmetics that has gained popularity due to its natural powdered eyebrow look when combined with microblading), you?ll be ahead of the competition with a bigger menu of services to offer your clients.

It?s important to look for a course that offers some hands-on education for microblading. You can work with pen and paper all day but working on a live person will give you a feel for the real thing. Furthermore, being hands-on during the course allows you to test your skills as they?re being taught to you. ?

If you crave one-on-one support, look for small group classes or private training. You may have to invest more for the undivided attention but you?ll have a learning experience custom designed for your learning style. ?

If you currently have a busy schedule but are determined to begin your new career in microblading, a hybrid course that combines both online and in-house training like the one we offer may be best suited for you: One-On-One Training. This course is designed for the working woman who wants to advance her career but cannot commit to classroom hours.

Upon completion of your course, you will want to schedule models to complete your case studies. These first few models should be close friends or family whose healing you can track closely. In the meantime, you?ll want to begin building your social media and find a place to work out of.

Get Started Today

Neena Jay Brows offers two excellent ways to kick off your career as Microblading Artist and PMU professional. Whether you want a one-on-one learning scenario or a comprehensive group-centric training class. Spaces are filling up rapidly, sign up today!

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