MicroBlading on Instagram: For Microblading Artists



Over the last 3 years microblading, a form of semi-permanent cosmetics for the brow, has taken the nation by storm.  With this increase in demand and the lure of financial security, many women are taking the plunge into business ownership, and we think that’s a beautiful thing.  What isn’t beautiful is seeing an aspiring artist fail at her career because she didn’t have a thought out plan for the development of her business. 

We all would love to have a line out the door for our services as soon as they open.  The reality is that there is a lot of competition out there and you have to be prepared.  A strong tool in any aspiring microblading artists arsenal is a strong understanding of the social media platform, Instagram.  Instagram is a peer to peer social media platform where pictures, video, and a temporary story can be posted for others to see.  Given its massive user database, instagram becomes a valuable marketing tool for businesses.  Here are a few tips we think you should know about Instagram to get you going on the right path. 


You’re now a photographer

Unless you have the extra funds to hire a social media specialist, you’re going to be taking a lot of pictures.  Its time to take some basic photography courses online so you better understand how to bring about the best result with your pictures.  Its a learning process, so be patient! No need to spend extra money on a high end camera, todays iphones are so advanced that you can take stunning pictures with them.  Start small, and then slowly grow your equipment with your business. Sooner or later, youll need a professional camera, lighting, and stabilizing tools.  For now, a tripod will suffice! 

Don’t make it all about business

People want to be captivated with you and your work.  If all you do is post before and after pics of work that you’ve done, you’re boring!  Show your vibrant personality on Instagram, let people fall in love with who you are and not just what you do.  We recommend a ratio of 2 business pictures to 1 personal picture.  Also, your story is a great place to post more personal videos that people can engage with.


Learn hashtags

Yes, the dreaded hashtag. #idontgetthis doesn’t have to be you.  Doing keyword research on instagram is very important to make sure you have the right hashtags set up for your posts.  Doing so will allow you to reach your target audience. 

Set a marketing budget

Instagram has powerful marketing tools that allow you to define your audience.  You upload a picture or video and pay a set budget every day to reach that audience.  Take a course in instagram marketing because you really will waste a lot of money advertising to the wrong keyword interests.  Start small with your budget, 5 dollars a day at most. See how the ad is doing.  If the ad is doing well, increase the budget.


I know its crazy and you might feel helpless at first, but if you’re diligent with your posts and make sure to show your personality in a fun loving manner, youll be fine.   NeenaJayBrows is a fully licensed and insured microblading education academy.  Courses offered monthly!

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