Microblading Training: Expectations vs. Reality



Microblading is a form of semi-permanent cosmetics that has taken the nation by storm over the last 3 years.  It seems almost overnight we went from being little known form of beauty enhancement to having some of the strongest demand for microblading artists.  Its with good reason that the demand is there, because the education is fairly cheap in comparison to other beauty industries.  A cosmetologist or esthetician will pay tens of thousands of dollars for their education while an education in microblading usually costs anywhere between $3000-$5000. 

While other courses will also have hours to fill, most states do not require an apprenticeship.  Nevada is an apprenticeship state and requires a 6 month apprenticeship to be completed.  No hours are necessary to fill, empowering women who want to make a career change by giving them the opportunity to stay employed full time while completing the apprenticeship.  The most amazing aspect of all this, a microblading artist has a higher selling ticket item than the other fields.

Having said that, a lot of women are looking for microblading courses as they chase their dream of financial security and freedom.  There is the romanticized theme to going out on your own and, well, you have certain expectations about your microblading training.  But we want to put things into perspective for you, so keep reading. 


You’re Very Likely Going to Suck at Microblading, and thats Ok!  

It’s a cold hard truth.  Unless you have a background as an artist or are just very talented odds are your first brow you sketch is the first one you’re going to want to forget.  It’s a typical human flaw, we all want instant gratification.  But not rarely does someone pick up a football and become an all star NFL player.  Keeping in mind that most microblading courses are 3-5 day intensives, you’re plunged into the fundamentals of brows, patterns, symmetry, and color theory and thats hard to absorb. 

Our advice is that you should expect to suck, at first! The people who become a master of this craft are the ones that put in the work.  Practice makes perfect, so don’t be down if you don’t get it all on the first day.  It takes months of practice before you’ll be ready to carve brows on someones face. 


It moves fast

!) Signs your in a Bad Microblading class - NeenaJayBrows.comThere is a lot to cover in very little time.  This isn’t your local community college course that runs for a quarter or semester.  We are talking 3-5 days to cover everything you’ll need to know to go off on your own and develop your skins. We highly recommend you bring a notebook, take notes, and voice record all the lectures for future reference.  Make sure to take the time to ask as many questions as you need to.  If you don’t understand something, don’t be the person who is too shy to raise your hand.


Its intimate

We at NeenaJayBrows limit our group courses to a maximum of 10 students per course so that everyone gets the attention they need as they are absorbing the knowledge they will need.  You shouldn’t expect, nor do we recommend, a large conference course as your introduction for microblading, but its a great way to get continuing education once youve become certified.  


Yes, Its Rewarding 

The one thing that i do believe every single student to experience is the rewarding feeling they get when presented with a certificate of completion.  You should definitely feel like you’ve accomplished a fundamental understanding of microblading and have gained the confidence to continue your craft and start working on live models.


The reality is that microblading is a rewarding career that gives you the financial freedom you desire while helping others.  We at NeenaJayBrows are proud to present our group courses monthly in Las Vegas.  


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