Microblading V.S. Permanent Tattooing

Is microblading the same as permanent tattooing? It’s actually a common question we get all the time from prospective students. There is no simple answer to the question. Microblading is sort of like permanent tattooing, except it isn?t permanent. Weird, right? Lets separate and understand both!

Permanent Tattooing

Permanent tattooing is a broad categorization that includes permanent cosmetics, traditional tattooing, and para-medical tattooing. A permanent tattoo is a tattoo that does not go away. Permanent tattoo artists work deeper in the skin implanting pigment into the 4-7 dermal layer. A permanent tattoo artist will almost always use a machine to do their work (excluding manual traditional Irezumi Tattooing) and use pigments that are very specific to their craft. For example, a tattoo artist and a permanent cosmetics artist will not use the same pigments and inks for their work. Permanent tattooing, in the traditional sense, has been around for thousands of years. Even with advanced machines and needle cartridges.


Microblading is a method of enhancing your eyebrows with hair-like strokes in the skin to create the look of fuller brows. Microblading is strictly done with a manual pen. Unlike permanent tattooing, microblading is considered ?semi-permanent? because the treatment lasts anywhere between 1-3 years before you need a touch-up. Unlike permanent tattooing, microblading artist’s work much shallower in the skin. Microblading artists want to implant pigment specifically where the dermis meets the epidermis. If a tattoo artist tried to implant strokes using a machine, those lines would migrate and blur over time into a botched job.

We hope that this article has helped clear up some of the confusion out there!

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