Do You Need to Do A Microblading Apprenticeship In Las Vegas, Nevada?


Microblading is quickly becoming one of the hottest new age trends in permanent cosmetics.  As demand for this industry grows, so does the demand for new microblading artist.  With its ability to increase your revenue substantially, a relatively short education process in comparison to other beauty trades, and at a fraction of the cost of other beauty trade school microblading training has become a hot topic.  Many around the world are taking advantage of this new career branch in the ever growing permanent cosmetics tree. 

As we try and understand this developing new category of semi-permanent cosmetics, both new regulation and old laws play a factor in the licensing requirements in the national, state, and county levels.

We are often asked if a apprenticeship is required in order to become a microblading artist.  Las Vegas sits in Clark County.  The regulating agency for Clark County in the Southern Nevada Health Department.  If you plan on becoming a microblading artist in Las Vegas, you’re bound to the laws that regulate traditional tattooing.  Traditional tattoo artist must meet requirements set for body art by the health department to receive a body art card.  One of those requirements is a 6 month apprenticeship.

The health departments requirements have nothing to do with your abilities as an artist and everything to do with proper sanitation protocols and  body substance isolation in order to reduce the spread of communicable diseases. The 6 month apprenticeship has no other requirements than your time.  When you sign up for an apprenticeship with NeenaJayBrows, we supply the apprenticeship application and required signatures so that you may schedule a sanitation exam. While waiting for your exam date, you will complete a short and easy online bloodborne pathogen course required by the health department. Pass your sanitation exam to get your temporary body art card.  The day you get your temporary body art card is the day your 6 month apprenticeship starts. 

The apprenticeship is time based.  There are no required hours to fill.  At the end of 6 months you’re rewarded with your permanent body art card and can independently establish your own facility. Here at NeenaJayBrows, we make sure your apprenticeship has a continuing education experience in microblading.  All of our apprentices get added to a private facebook group where NeenaJay goes live with every client she works on.  We run workshops and reviews monthly, allowing you to get help with the hands on experience and ask questions as you progress. 


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