Not All Microblading Apprenticeships Are Created Equal

The title speaks for itself. ?A quick search for microblading education on the internet will give you plenty of options to choose from in your pursuit of microblading education. ?But how do you choose the right one? More importantly, how do you choose the right one for you? In a number of states, including Nevada, the requirement for gaining licensure as a microblading artist involves a 6-month apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship is required to make sure all tattoo artists are well versed in body substance isolation and sanitation protocols. It has nothing to do with your abilities as an artist as more traditional apprenticeships would require. ?Nor are you a slave to your mentor having to work for free, because you’re the one paying for the apprenticeship. Having said that, different apprenticeships will bring about opportunities and not all apprenticeships are created equal.

The Minimum Requirement

The minimum requirement by the health department to satisfy apprenticeship requirements is time under the mentorship of an accredited artist. ?When we say ?time,? we mean that a full 6 months have to pass from the day you receive your temporary apprentice permit. The health department does not require anything else. ?No hours to fill, no extra tests and requirements are necessary. In our eyes, that’s a major problem. We have seen educators out there who will take your money for nothing more than a signature. ?Though technically not illegal, it’s the worst thing a new artist can do to herself. We at NeenaJayBrows are accredited to fulfill all apprenticeship requirements.

Pick and Choose the Right Apprenticeship


The in-house apprenticeship is our favorite type of apprenticeship. ?You can learn a lot in a 3-day microblading course. But that’s nothing compared to the experience you gain over a 6-month apprenticeship where you’re in-house and able to shadow your mentor a number of times a week with regularly scheduled class times to help you along the way. ?Our 6-month in-house apprenticeship and course is a perfect fit for those who have the time.

Hybrid Online

We at NeenaJayBrows strive to empower women. ?Having said that, it’s very difficult for a single mom working full time to take an in-house apprenticeship. ?With that in mind, we have created a hybrid online apprenticeship that demands much less house in-house while giving you homework to complete at your leisure, in your free time. This allows working moms a chance at going at it alone and becoming their own bosses while increasing their revenue. A hybrid course is perfect for anyone who feels time is a scarcity in their life. ?Typically you will meet once a month for class sessions. The rest is done electronically over the internet.

So when you decide you want to complete an apprenticeship, make sure you take one that is right for you. Make sure to ask the right questions so that the curriculum works with your schedule while maximizing your ability to gain the most important thing a new microblading artist needs, experience.

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