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bad microblading class

2 May

Does Microblading Require Certification?

With microblading becoming one of the fastest growing branches of the beauty industry, many have started looking into taking a microblading course in order to fulfill the demand that has developed over the last few years. A career in microblading is both a rewarding and lucrative prospect for anyone who wants to elevate themselves to […]

24 Apr

What Is Microblading Training?

What Is Microblading Training? Microblading training is some form of formal study of the necessary knowledge and skills to become a microblading artist. You can find a variety of different microblading training courses by searching for them online. ?While there are many different training courses out there, you should always check the course agenda to […]

20 Apr

10 Signs You May Be Attending A Bad Microblading Class

With so many microblading courses offered these days as the demand for new microblading artists soaring to new heights, it isn?t unlikely that you will come across a bad microblading class as you make your search for the course that is right for you. It’s a scary thought, spending thousands of dollars on a course […]

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