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29 Mar

How Do You Become a Microblading Artist?

You’ve decided you want to become a microblading artist. What now? How do I go about getting licensed? Where do I look for the best education? Who will help you get certified? These are all good questions to consider when you are looking to take on a lucrative career in the Permanent Makeup Industry. ?With […]

28 Jan

Just How Popular is Microblading?

Practically since the dawn of time, men and women both have been searching for ways to amplify their beauty ? not least of which their brow game. Before modern tools, ancient people relied mostly on natural paints and razors to shape their features into desired molds. And if you ever needed a reason to compare […]

28 Jan

Benefits Of A Career In Microblading (5 Reasons)

Some people just love precision. The sight of a smooth arched line delicately tapering to a point ? now that?s a brow artist?s bread and butter. Not all artists work in paints or clay. For some, the human body is their canvas, and instead of hanging in a gallery, their masterpieces are immortalized in Instagram […]

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