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microblading training

29 Jul

Microblading Training: Expectations vs. Reality

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent cosmetics that has taken the nation by storm over the last 3 years.? It seems almost overnight we went from being a little known form of beauty enhancement to having some of the strongest demand for microblading artists.? It’s with good reason that the demand is there because education […]

27 Jun

What Tools Should Every Microblading Artist Have?

You have just finished your training and you?re ready to start your exciting new business as a microblading artist. Yay! So, what do you need to get started? How much space will you need? What are the best pigments and blades to use? Most states will require you to have a minimum 10?x10? space for […]

20 Jun

The 6 Keys To Being A Successful Microblading Salon

It’s a cold hard world out there and the competition is stiff. ?Many women who come to us wanting to gain a career in microblading have a tough uphill road before they make it as a successful artist. ?It’s no different than opening up any other business, you are going to struggle at first. But, […]

13 Jun

Not All Microblading Apprenticeships Are Created Equal

The title speaks for itself. ?A quick search for microblading education on the internet will give you plenty of options to choose from in your pursuit of microblading education. ?But how do you choose the right one? More importantly, how do you choose the right one for you? In a number of states, including Nevada, […]

30 May

The Next Big Thing in Microblading Training – One-on-one Training

As an educator who has helped hundreds of women gain the confidence and abilities to go out into the world and slay brows, ?I have developed a keen insight on the education process and its highs and lows. You see, these days there are so many microblading courses offered, a far cry from the early […]

23 May

Do You Have to Apprentice After Getting a Microblading Certification?

Do I need to complete an apprenticeship after my certification? It’s a very common question we are asked as educators. ?As the demand for microblading artists are high and women all over the nation are taking advantage of this new niche in permanent cosmetics that has ample room for growth and the ability to provide […]

16 May

Do You Need to Do A Microblading Apprenticeship In Las Vegas, Nevada?

Microblading is quickly becoming one of the hottest new age trends in permanent cosmetics. As demand for this industry grows, so does the demand for the new microblading artist. With its ability to increase your revenue substantially, a relatively short education process in comparison to other beauty trades, and at a fraction of the cost […]

9 May

Do I Need To Be A Licensed Cosmetologist To Do Microblading?

So you want to be a microblading artist. You?ve rolled up your sleeves and dove head into the vast confusion that is the internet scouring for answers to your questions, where to start? In our experience, the biggest questions we receive about microblading education are always about requirements for licensure and the price for certification. […]

2 May

Does Microblading Require Certification?

With microblading becoming one of the fastest growing branches of the beauty industry, many have started looking into taking a microblading course in order to fulfill the demand that has developed over the last few years. A career in microblading is both a rewarding and lucrative prospect for anyone who wants to elevate themselves to […]

24 Apr

What Is Microblading Training?

What Is Microblading Training? Microblading training is some form of formal study of the necessary knowledge and skills to become a microblading artist. You can find a variety of different microblading training courses by searching for them online. ?While there are many different training courses out there, you should always check the course agenda to […]

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