The 6 Keys To Being A Successful Microblading Salon

It’s a cold hard world out there and the competition is stiff. ?Many women who come to us wanting to gain a career in microblading have a tough uphill road before they make it as a successful artist. ?It’s no different than opening up any other business, you are going to struggle at first. But, if you perceiver and stick to high standards, there?s no reason why you shouldn?t be able to make it. Here are 6 keys to being a successful microblading salon that we think you should know.

Your ?abilities as an artist

Your abilities as an artist will make or break your career in microblading. ?We all have to start in a conservative manner so that we minimize risk. Before you take the plunge into owning your own chair/salon, make sure you’re extremely confident with your abilities to give your clients what they are looking for. ?The saying goes do something good and they might tell 1 person, do something bad and they will tell 10. Your abilities and reputation as an artist should be your top priority

Consultation, the art of selling.

If you’re extremely shy, this business might not be for you. ?Successful microblading artists are social butterflies. Their ability to present an authoritative but charming persona is the difference between closing your consultations and not. ?This means, just like everything else, you have to practice your consultation protocol and sales pitch. Always make sure you keep a professional aura about you so that your clients understand that they are in capable hands.

Following proper sanitation protocols

This is a very important key! You cannot own and operate a microblading salon if you’re clients are getting infections or you’re keeping your space dirty. ?Always make sure to follow proper sanitation and body substance isolation protocols, or the health department will be sure to give you a visit and very possibly shut you down.

Proper understanding of social media and marketing

It’s a world where most don’t see anything unless it’s on the screen of their smartphone. ?Ask any artist and they will tell you how important social media platforms and the paid/unpaid marketing you can do to get butts in your seat for consults. ?Take the time to educate yourself on PPC marketing

You’re Space Is Instagram Worthy

There’s a glamour to microblading that should be reflected in your space. ?An Instagram worthy space is a space that people want to take selfies and pictures of due to its unique aesthetics. ?Make sure that your space is unique to you and your theme so your customers can engage it

Knowing when to say no, detecting red flags

This is one of the most difficult things to learn as you start in your career and are in need of revenue. ?Pay close attention to all of your customers to filter out what will likely become a problem client. Remember, as stated earlier, people will make sure to let others know when they think you’ve done a bad job. Its always better to lose a few bucks vs having to deal with a problem client. ?Look out for anything that may be suspect. Do not ignore the red flags!

We hope that this article helps you reach your goals. ?NeenaJayBrows is a microblading training academy located in Las Vegas, NV with group courses monthly.

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