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The Next Big Thing in Microblading Training – One-on-one Training

As an educator who has helped hundreds of women gain the confidence and abilities to go out into the world and slay brows, ?I have developed a keen insight on the education process and its highs and lows. You see, these days there are so many microblading courses offered, a far cry from the early years where you couldn?t even find an artist in your city, and with that comes a decision in choosing the right type of education approach for your personal needs.

From the typical 3 day course to an extended 5-day course, you can pick and choose between instructors based upon their work and credibility. But, in reality, microblading isn?t as simple as just taking a 3-day course and, poof, you’re an artist. ?It just like any other skill, it takes time and patience to develop the necessary skills you need to go out there and do your thing.

We?re not bashing the 3-5 day course. ?We think it’s a great way to gain the fundamental knowledge you need to arm yourself with before going home and practicing on lots and lots of silicone tattoo skin and have taught such a course hundreds of women. ?But realistically, if you really want to get the most out of your instructor and education, nothing beats one-on-one training. In this setting, you have the undivided attention of your instructor for a number of days so you can really grasp the understanding you need for the fundamentals. ?We have been offering one-on-one training at NeenaJayBrows and have come to find that those who complete this type of training are much more likely to succeed.

If you live and plan on practicing locally in the Las Vegas area, the one-on-one course is especially beneficial for you, because it’s a 6-month program where you meet once a week and complete assignments, all with the ability to come in and shadow NeenaJay as she is working on live clients. More importantly, it also fills your apprenticeship requirements.

In this scenario, you’re not given a crash course on fundamentals over a 3-5 day period in a group setting. Instead, you’re fed the information in a timely manner so that you can better absorb what you are being taught and learn from experience as well. This best mimics the tradition of tattoo artists that would take on apprentices and help them develop their skills more as a protege than a person taking a course. Being in the shadow of NeenaJay as she works is an amazing way to pick up on the experience you?ll need to venture on your own.

NeenaJayBrows is licensed and accredited with the Southern Nevada Health District to fulfill apprenticeship requirements as a mentor.

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