What Microblading Tools Should Every Microblading Artist Have?


You have just finished your training and you’re ready to start your exciting new business as a microblading artist. Yay! So, what do you need to get started?


How much space will you need? What are the best pigments and blades to use? Most states will require you to have a minimum 10’x10’ space for tattooing so you’ll need to design a functional space that will contain your bed, storage, work tray, sink, artists’ chair and all your supplies. Read below to see what will set you apart from the competition.

Carrying high-quality pigments and blades will be instrumental in your success. Some of the top contenders are Li (Lasting Impressions) and Permablend Pigments. These pigments have proved to implant, heal and age well in the skin. You can expect to spend around $30.00USD for a 15ml bottle of pigment. Sharp and well-sterilized blades are equally important for creating great work.

Whatever blades you chose, slope/slant or U blades, should be individually packaged and marked with a lot #, method of sterilization and expiration date. Some of our favorites are Everlasting Blades, Tina Davies Blades, and Chuse blades which are available on Amazon.com

So now that you’ve got the tools to create good work, you’ll need great lighting to capture photos to advertise with. You can chose to use a mobile phone camera like an Iphone or Samsung or you can purchase a DSLR camera. As long as you have good lighting, most mobile phone cameras today take amazing pictures. NeenaJay’s favorite is the 14” Neweer Ring Light with the wall mount and phone mount. These are all available on Amazon.com too. Use these pictures for print, you can create a cool collage or print a CHATBOOK for your clients to browse through, for your social media pages and for your website. 

Keep in mind that safety and sanitation should always be at the forefront of every procedure. You’ll need a stainless steel tattoo/medical tray, a sharps container, gloves, and if you’ve decided to use reusable handles (metal only), you’ll need an autoclave or sterilizer unit. NeenaJay uses 91% isopropyl alcohol to prep the skin and a 50/50 combination of witch hazel and distilled water to wipe during microblading. Keep barrier film on hand to cover any items that are not disposable like your liquid bottles, light stand, work surface and any other surfaces you may come in contact with during your procedure.

Now that we’ve covered the serious stuff, we want to give you the deets on all the little tools that NeenaJay uses and teaches her students to use to design a perfect brow every time! You’ll need a good marking pencil like the Sharpie PEEL-OFF China Marker to make a crisp outline that will last you until your second pass. Use a straight-edge razor to sharpen the pencil to a chiselled tip.

A jaw caliper can help you measure each brow and ensure symmetry. Cotton rounds and great to use to wipe instead of bulky paper towels and they have them at the dollar stores which make them cost-efficient too! Microfiber swabs make mixing pigment a breeze and you can buy ring cups in bulk in all kinds of fun colors. 


The best tools will always be the ones you were born with. Your hands and eyes will serve you for a long time so take good care of yourself. NeenaJay loves to start each day with a yoga flow and get regular reflexology massages. 


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